About Us

Premier Timber Buildings offer a range of Timber Buildings for a multitude of different purposes for the home or the business sector.

All of our buildings are in line with the government strategy, which are environmentally friendly and are built from sustainable materials. Timber has a very high natural insulating property which makes all our buildings cool in the summer and warm in the winter. A Premier Timber Buildings, building, house, chalet or mobile home is one of the most eco-friendly buildings that are available today.

All our buildings are tailor made, exactly to your requirements and are pre-constructed in the factory to ensure all the elements have a perfect fit in factory conditions. Our buildings are erected by a specialist team of skilled craftsmen provided by the factory on site, and in a fraction of the time of a conventional build. Delivery times are normally between 6 and 12 weeks depending on time of year and work scheduling.

We are happy to work with your existing plans or designs, or alternatively adapt our designs to your individual requirements. Most of the buildings can be built to full UK building regulations for whatever their intended use.