The Marshwood Lodge

All our Mobile Homes are made to order and assembled on site. The style and floor plan are designed, with us, to your exact requirements. You can also choose windows, doors, carpentry and external finishes. Importantly, our buildings are made with the same materials, , and structural integrity as any new-build conventional house and are in-effect no different from living in a modern bungalow. NO nasty rendering, mock stonework or flimsy dry-lining, our interiors can be plaster-boarded or fitted out with tongue and groove panelling like conventional homes, giving the clean, solid interior and high insulation values that most park-homes lack. These buildings will not depreciate like standard mobile homes and living conditions are the same as any new-build house.


Many Mobile Homes are constructed on steel chassis with wheels. This allows the buildings to be moved on and off truck trailers and around site. However, Mobile Homes don't have to have wheels. So long as the structure remains unconnected to the groundwork's, i.e. it's built on steel girders or timber beams and remains divisible and transportable, it will still comply with legislation.